Uma ideia genial! (Leiam que vale a pena)

Eu acho que este tópico era demasiado genial para não o ter trazido para aqui, quem quiser uma versão integral veja em mas eu resumo em baixo:

this idea may be a bit far fetched but me and a mate had a chat the other day and we both agreed this idea was cool so here goes:

make the pitch a hexagon. goals on every other straight bit, with the pitch divided up into 6 triangle halves. each team has on triangle for attack, and one for defense.

you can score against either of the other 2 teams, and even help one of your opponents defend if you wish, as stopping the other team scoring will help you.

the game will be split into 6ths. after 2/3 of the gam the team that is behind get knocked out and the game moves out of their 2 triangles.

if the score is say for example 2-0-0 with spurs having the 2 goals, everton and arsenal go into a penalty shootout before the game is resumed with the winner of the shootout playing spurs.

the kick off is a 3 way drop ball in the middle where the tip of all the trinalges meet.

corners and goal kicks are self explanatory.

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i like this new guy :mrgreen: can we keep him?
Why not go the whole way & implement multiball to your idea!

Do autor:

I accept it may be a little flawed, but you guys are making it sound like some grand design project gone wrong
Let's say Arsenal kicked the ball out of play, then who would the throw-in go to?

Do autor:

Well, I suppose the referee could flip a coin and whoever wins gets the throw in. I know this sounds a little far fetched, but have you people watched American football? Jesus.
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Oh my god this just gets better :lol:

We’ll be looking at 35 minutes stoppage time :lol:

Do autor:

Hardly, flipping a coin takes a minute or two at least. And I’d prefer for my well thoughout but a little far fetched idea to not be called a “wind up”, these are better ideas than the ideas of the likes of Blatter and Platini.

Do autor:

Come on guys, be a bit more open minded. It’s just one mans idea. Like football was. Maybe in a hundred years, my plan, might actually be played out, who’d be laughing then, huh?
The world's gonna end in 2012 so you better get a move on. __________________
Do you know Song Ping?
Right then mr serious. There is 3 nets, so why is the pitch split up into 6? Surely it would be split into 3, with the team defending their own third and attacking the other 2. If a team has one defending triangle (where their net is?), and one attacking triangle, where are they shooting into, or do they have to shoot from one half of the pitch into another? Even as wind ups go, this one is pretty damn out there.
~ 8)

why stop there? have a 40 sided pitch a tetracontagon. have all 20 clubs playing at once. that way we only need a few games a season
Good luck to whoever is going to explain the off side rule

E a cereja no topo do bolo…

What would be really cool is if the managers would run onto the pitch to interfere when the ref isn't looking.

Imagine if Alex Ferguson ran in and clocked Didier Drogba over the head with a steel chair to help Man United win against Chelsea? If the ref doesn’t see it it’s fair enough.

You could also have “falls count anywhere” matches where the players are allowed to dribble the ball up into the stands and out into the car park.

How about a ladder match, where the goals are placed on elevated platforms and the players have to climb up the ladder before taking a shot? Opposition players could try to knock them off the ladder as they are climbing up.

The possibilities are endless.

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Cai da cadeira xD de tanto rir

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Já agora podiam ter outras três equipas a ocupar os triangulos vazios…Mas equipas de err…hóquei em campo por exemplo, ja que assim era garantido haver stickada.

why stop there? have a 40 sided pitch a tetracontagon. have all 20 clubs playing at once. that way we only need a few games a season

Pronto, ficam assim resolvidos os problemas do futebol Português … Como é que não se lembraram de isto mais cedo??

Isto faz-me lembrar um anuncio que eram os 3 grandes a jogar num campo triangular.
Alguem tem isso?

Exactamente , tambem me lembro disso ,nao è uma ideia virgem !