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é muito simples. Escrevem o nome do “produto” e ele faz-vos o Slogan. vou deixar um exemplo

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Sporting Portugal is be lovelier to love.


Está aprovadíssimo :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s real, it’s Sporting Clube de Portugal. 8)

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Portanto, já sabem … dentro de vós, há sempre um “bocado” de mim. :lol: :lol:

Edit: Postei e apareceu apagar por favor.

Rui is so amazing. 8)

Be free - do it’s like Queiroz.
There is no life without Costinha.
Nothing is like José Eduardo Bettencourt
Best always comes from Daniel. 8)

Carlos Cruz is the World famous for quality.

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Pedro is rolling, the others are stoned.


The Story begun with johnnycross.

  1. :mrgreen:


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Miguel - love it or leave it.

:mrgreen: 8)

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Just João not sweet not bitter.

SPORTING - Enjoy the Difference.

There’s only one thing in the world I want and this is MPP.

Sporting for a better life.

Sporting Clube de Portugal - A never ending story. 8)