[ReadMe] ForumSCP Basic Rules & Posting Guidelines

ForumSCP Basic Rules include:

1. Only one forum account per member. Do not create extra user names to be malicious. No cloning. It’s easy to track your IP and find out if you post with more than one account.

2. No Advertising. We work very hard to make ForumSCP popular, do not plug your own website here, do it the hard way like the rest of us.

3. No racism, bigotry or comments suggesting child abuse. We will enforce this strictly, any racism/Bigotry towards fellow board members will result in an immediate sanction.

4. No Porn. There are lots of places on the internet for this, But ForumSCP isn’t one of them.

5. No Spam. Your post count is not important, unnecessary posts will be removed. Continual spamming will result in further action being taken.

6. Breaking the rules can lead to your posts being edited/deleted/closed. Further measures include temporary suspension of your account or account deletion.

7. The moderators reserve the right to take action on things which may fall outside those boundaries.

International Lounge Recommendations include:

1. Please use English language only in this section. Don´t use text language. It is annoying, use your keyboard properly.

2. Ignore Function. This forum has an Ignore function. If a particular poster really winds you up, put him/her on ignore.

3. Report a Post. This forum has a ‘report a post’ function. If you believe something has gone beyond the realms of what is acceptable use the button to report it. Mods may miss the post first time, so don’t whine that we didn’t do anything about it.

4. Try and post using a proper title. It makes it much easier for people to find the topics and to keep the forum “clean”.

5. Signatures and Avatars are enabled on this board. Use them consciously. You can advertise in your signature, as long as it doesn’t fall out from rules boundaries. Your signature will be edited/removed if considered inadequate.

6. Off-topic should be reduced to minimum. If you have something important to say that doesn’t fit within the topic, you’re welcome to create a new one.

7. Respect. This board welcomes all foreign fans. Please behave and contribute with quality stuff. While we accept non-Sporting fans in this particular board, we appreciate if you stick to Sporting as main subject, otherwise we suggest you try other forums.

8. In doubt, contact the Staff. We are available by PM, email or “Atendimento VIP” section (for registered-members only), where your posts can only be seen by you and the Staff.