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Hi, I’m a Lille fan and as you know our 2 favorites teams are in the same group in Europa League. That will be two hard confrontations. As I could read you don’t know well the LOSC, and that’s normal.
A little presentation:

3x Champion:
1933, 1946, 1954

5x Cup:
1946, 1947, 1948, 1953, 1955

This year we are one of favourites among Lyon, Bordeaux and Marseille in the French Ligue 1. Last year we were second before the last party and we’ve lost this party and we’ve finish 4nd ???.
Nowadays we play in the Stadium Nord (18.000)

But in 2012 we will have a new stadium (50.000)

A little presentation about Losc team
Landreau: goalkeeper international (France)
Debuchy: back right international (France)
Rami: central international (France) he played against Bosnie yesterday
Chedjou: central international (Cameroun, World Cup) or Rozenhal international (Czech)
Béria: back left (France)
Mavuba: Midfielder international (France)
Balmont: Midfielder (France)
Cabaye: Midfielder international (France)
Gervinho: Striker international (Ivory Coast, World Cup)
Hazard: Striker international (Belgium) a very great and young player
Frau: Striker (France)

Good Luck for the two parties :slight_smile: This year we don’t start very well the French League but it’s a tradition in Lille ::slight_smile:

Bienvenu a le ForumSCP Slam321

We go to France with only one desire … victory …
But I hope the game is well played and the referee do not manipulate the outcome of the game…

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Wellcome to our forum Slam321 :beer:

Welcome to our forum Slam321! :great:

Btw, seems like a nice arena you’ll have there.

Thank’s for your welcome :wink:
I understand you wish a victory but the “Wonderfull” Stadium Nord is a fortress (last year in Europa League we won against Genoa, Fenerbahce, Slavia Praha, Liverpool and 1-1 against Valencia).

Our future Stadium is one of the best future and modern stadium with a revolutionary “show box”, if you want to see more you can see on this video: Stadium Future Lille

Against french teams we demand victory…i am not a fan of france xD

Welcome and watch out with new stadiums ( experience talking )

I’m waiting for Gent supporters to have everyone here :great:

Welcome to our forum Slam321!

Nice new arena! Any mor pictures of it?

But I enjoy this section of the forum a lot we have sofia fans here, lille fans, only gent are left

Bienvenue Slam321. :great:
Sa va etre un beau match Sporting - Lille. :slight_smile:

I understand you don’t like french teams, but Lille is a different team, we play the offensive (we were the best strike last year in ligue 1).
For the Arena: [url]Métropole européenne de Lille - Bienvenue sur le site de la MEL
It’s under construction

Bravo pour ton français TiaGol, à moins que tu sois un supporter français du sporting :rotfl: En effet, ça va être un beau match.

Oui j’habite en France ( a coté de Monaco ), mais je suis portugais. :wink:

Welcome to our forum Slam321! :beer:

Bienvenu, Slam. Nous connaisons Lille car ta équipe a joué avec les cochons de Lisbonne il ya quelques annés pour la CL. Qu’est-ce que les supporteurs du LOSC disent sur nous et sur les votres ambitions pour cette saison?

English please :mrgreen:

Yes, it is always good parties against portuguese teams, the LOSC played against Benfica (“les cochons” :lol:), Leiria and Sporting. I don’t know if you remember it was a friendly, 4 or 5 years ago. Sporting have won 3-0, with an incredible stupidity by our goal.
Sporting - 3 Lille - 0 de 2007/2008 Particular
But we have a very better team since this defeat. Losc supporters are satisfied about the group which is more easy than last year (Valence, Genoa and Slavia Praha). We think if we play like the last year, we can finish first on this group but Sporting is a very great team with Liedson, Vukcevic, Maniche… We don’t know well the level of Levski. And la Gantoise is a derby for us with our belgian neighbors. If we play like our last parties in Ligue 1 it could be difficult ???.
Personally I like Sporting and I hate Benfica, and I like too Porto and Braga.

your team seems to be very strong with Hazard, Gervinho,…

we have to be careful :mrgreen:

We simply have to be Sporting

Slam321 welcome m8. Good luck for almost all the matches in the Europa League. :stuck_out_tongue:

On va bouffer du ch’ti le 16 :mrgreen: bienvenu au forum quand même!

En principe je ferai le déplacement, on se retrouvera p-e à Lille :great:

Eden Hazard est vraiment très bien vu ici en Belgique, mais franchement contre l’Allemagne il m’a pas impressioné… je serai curieux de voir ce qu’il vaut.

Je ne fais pas confiance aux équipes francaises depuis qu’on a perdu a domicile contre Sochaux il y a quelques années… Plutôt humiliant.

We’re gonna have ch’tis for breakfast on the 16th :mrgreen: welcome to the forum anyway!

I’m going to Lille, so we might bump into each other there :great:

Eden Hazard is really appreciated here in Belgium, but to be honest he didn’t impress me against Germany… I’ll be curious to see how he does.

I don’t trust French teams, I still remember our home defeat to Sochaux a couple of years ago… Talk about humiliation…