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Ouçam o octagon…

Never no poser
To the greatest I’m coming much closer
When I rap they relax like on a sofa
Lyrics out my mouth
Ya’ll know what I’m about
Stay on my route
I be pushing like the cushions on couch
H Mack I put it down, ya’ll know how I do
Rappers soft like a couch cushion, it’s true
But not me ‘cause you know I’m about to burn it up
From the brain I rearrange like your furniture
Pay attention to the words my tongue say
Moving the sofa I’m increasing my feng shui
Mack all up in it I be getting loose
Like to OJ in your glass all these rappers getting juiced
Check how I perform
I really tried to warn
I treat a rapper’s whole brain kind of like an orange
Then I turn him into OJ
Before I rapped they looked at me and they thought ‘No way’
Now they see I’m OK
I’m about to put it down
I’m too hard
Out of sight,
Like your PJs I shine through the starry night
Coming up off the tip of this when I release this
And similar to your hoodie I earn stripes like Adidas
I break it down for all of ya’ll
My lyrics seem fly
On top of her cup there be a little green guy
I be coming off the tip of this believe me
The lyrics I’m providing, man, I make this shit sound easy, let’s go
I come off the top, never be stopping
You know that I’m rocking on
Never gon’ stop, even in front of a red octagon
Ya know I’m increasing the great vibes
Octagon that’s a shape, but one that has eight sides
I break it down, man, ya’ll know they some wannabes
Rappers getting bent out of shape, no geometry
Ya’ll had better honour me
Eight sides to me individual steelo
I break 'em down ‘cause he goes:
Freestyle is the first side,
and the second side to my mind is the lyrics that I write
the third side of me is the one that feels compassion
the fourth side is the one focused on rap smashing
the fifth side of me is the one that stays indoors, the one that doesn’t wanna be with people anymore
but yo the sixth side to my personality is the one that goes out to party and can nobody challenge me
yeah, the seventh side the one that loves my family
the eight side the one that hates rappers trying to damage me
So basically while I’m out here rocking songs
I prove to ya’ll that my brain is the octagon

fiquei todo arrepiado quando ouvi isto pela primeira vez.

Já sei que para muita gente para se ser um bom rapper/freestyler é preciso vir do guetto e escrever sobre merda pesada, mas fuck that, não há pai para este senhor.

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que som

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alguem conhece? o Harry é dos melhores freestylers de sempre se não for o melhor ele tem um video a fazer um freestyle de 10 hora seguidas lol …

Tem grande colar o Plutónio :sunglasses:

Eu amo o Token

este gajo é uma lenda .

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