About Zakaria Labyad transfer from PSV to Sporting

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Any news?

no news is always good news :stuck_out_tongue:

That is very true, noone here wants him back. :wink:

Maybe, but Labyad knows whether he terminated his contract before the 15th of May or not. If he did, he can just tell Sporting and PSV can bluff as much as they want, but Sporting won’t be very impressed by that. :wink: But yes, of course this is all about PSV wanting at least some money for Labyad (our financial situation isn’t very good).

And now, you guys have a brand new, second João Moutinho! :wink:

No real news here since the presentation of Labyad at Sporting. Maybe it’s the quiet before the storm. :wink: Or maybe PSV think they can’t gain anything from this anymore, I really don’t know. I got the feeling that PSV still want to try to get a (small) transfer fee for Labyad one way or another. But that feeling isn’t really based on anything. If there’s any news I’ll share it with you.

This one will not hurt half as much. This one we know what he can be and any love promiseses will bounce back with a reality check.

And our skin is getting thicker by the day…

See? After all you know exactly whats happening!! ;D

Really??? Who??

Labyad’s contract ceased exactly three years after the date he joined PSV, meaning before 2012-07-01, since he signed it still as an underaged player (<18 yr old). Any other contract, automatic extension, clause or whatever after these three years without Labyad’s signature is revoked/invalid under FIFA rules. And that’s exactly what FIFA will tell PSV if they complain.

Esta parte preocupa-me, quem faz ao clube de formação o que fez, não terá problemas em fazê-lo outra vez.


In the portuguese press, there’s a note saying that even the Dutch Federation doesn’t recognize the alleged contract with PSV. Is that true?

No, I have no idea. I’m afraid only the PSV management and Labyad know. :wink:

Really??? Who??

Zakaria Labyrat. :wink:

Yes, and after that contract ceased, by not sending that written notice, Labyad agreed on extending the contract with one year. This was not a clause in his contract which would indeed be invalid because of FIFA’s underage players rule.

Marcel Brands, our Director of football, gave a short reaction in a local newspaper. He said that they want to keep discussing a transfer fee with Sporting instead of going to court for now and that they still won’t release Labyad (so he won’t be eligible to play for Sporting). They just want this solved as quickly as possible. He also said that PSV will respect the contract Labyad has with them and therefore keep paying his salary.
Smart lad, that Labyad, he now gets paid by two teams. :wink:

I would be more careful with my fingers if I were you… :eh:

Hmm, I haven’t heard this, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not true of course. :wink: In this note, are they referring to the 2 year extension clause or the 1 year new contract?

Oh, I’m just joking, I’m sure you guys can handle it! :wink:
And look, it is his nickname after all: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zakaria_Labyad (on the right side, ‘Bijnaam’ means ‘Nickname’

Let me put this in another way: FIFA rules imply that once three years of a contract signed by un underaged go by the player status changes to “free player” in any circumstance.

Otherwise you could have this clause of automatic extension (oh yes, it is a clause) for 10 years or whatever period one wanted to and that would of course go against the intentions of FIFA to limit the contracts to 3yr max since the first moment it was signed…

So PSV will lose if they complain to FIFA, their interpretation of the law is actually laughable.

Bota “laughable” nisso, é que nunca ouvi argumento mais estapafurdio…


Today the press says that there was a letter sent by Labyad last December to a Mr. Brands (PSV layer/management?) stating that the contract was going to expire in June.


Is this case going to be presented to FIFA or any other part of the football structure so there will be a full knowledge of what’s on the table? And how much exactly do the PSV board want to let this case go?

And I’m back, was off for a long weekend! :wink:

Yes, Brands is our director of football. This was in the Dutch media as well and if this is true then this case is closed and Labyad is eligible to play for Sporting. But the same day, there was also a message from Brands in the Dutch press and he said PSV aren’t planning to present this case to the FIFA but hope to come to an agreement about a transfer fee with Sporting as soon as possible. So apparently, PSV are still convinced that Labyad’s contract is valid. After this, there hasn’t been any news, so I guess we just have to wait again. I’m not sure how much PSV want for Labyad, but given the situation (PSV don’t want him back, only one year remaining on his contract), it can’t be much. In Dutch media it was mentioned that Benfica also made an offer for him. I can’t remember how much this was exactly, but it was around 5 or 6 million euros. Now, PSV might settle for somewhere between 2 and 3 million, but this is just my guess.

About the text in bold: that your way of seeing things: for me that just means that PSV knows they’re wrong, and are just trying to look good for the supporters and the press.

Another thing, you probably don’t know this but, if there was the sligthest chance that Sporting would have problems with Labyads signing, it would be already all over the portuguese sports newspapers. they just LOVE to put down Sporting, its sells better than potatoe chips and peanuts :wink:

Of course that thought (that PSV (know they) are wrong) crossed my mind too. As I mentioned before, I doubt the reason is to look good for the supporters. The supporters hardly talk about the (current) board regarding this matter. They’re just furious at Labyad, he drew all the attention away from the board. :wink: But yes, it might be their last attempt at getting a transfer fee even though they know they are wrong. And maybe they’re right and they really want this solved as soon as possible without the hassle of going to the FIFA. I honestly don’t know who/what to believe anymore. :wink:

That sounds familiar! :mrgreen: All national media in the Netherlands are based in the north of the country and we, down south, are all just a bunch of hillbillies. That’s how we got our nickname ‘Boeren’ (farmers) too. It was meant as an insult from the supporters of rival clubs based in the north and after a while the PSV supporters just adopted it as a nickname. :wink: