About Zakaria Labyad transfer from PSV to Sporting

Not 1 month before going away, 1.5 months before contract termination date.

But this automatic extension thing is in the labour agreement that is specifally there for professional football players, so your comparison with regular work laws in Portugal, the Netherlands or any other country isn’t relevant. In my opinion, the only question here is if it true that PSV didn’t receive Labyad’s written notice. If it is, Labyad and Sporting will have a problem because he signed a contract at Sporting while still being contracted to PSV. If PSV did receive the written notice and it’s a lie/bluff that they didn’t, then nothing will happen and Labyad will be yours for free and at least we won’t see that AWESOME player ever again. :wink:

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You don’t seem to get it… this “entirely new contract” is the result of a clause under the dutch laws, which is invalid according FIFA laws.

In other words, under FIFA laws, Labyad would have had to sign (with his signature) a new contract after being three years on PSV, meaning now, to be a valid one, because every other clause on the older one, including the automatic extension/“entirely new contract”, will NOT be recognised.

Now… you can argue that the dutch laws should overrule FIFA laws and I grant you that, but it’s something for FIFA and the Netherlands to dispute in separate (although you surely know that you would need major/fundamental clashes between both instances, including EU, to make an impact on FIFA rules, like Bosman and Webster agreements).

So no, I still think PSV is completely out of this race.

Funny picture by the way on the UEFA website in their news item about Labyad. They’re a bit confused. :wink:

@PSV, I understand your frustration but we (Sporting) are not the right target, sorry.

The issue is between Labyad and PSV and that can escalate to an issue between the Dutch law and FIFA (I repeat that I doubt it), but Sporting is no where to be found in this mess.

Unfortunately we also have our share of w*nkers we don’t want to see ever again. We are all in the same boat really. :wink:

The bad guy is not Labyad. It’s your directors that were dumb enough too let a talent like him go to another club without receiving 1 single €.

I didn’t come here to ‘target’ you, sorry if I gave you that impression. I don’t blame Sporting for wanting a very talented player for free (because that’s what he is, even though he is an wan AWESOME player ;)). I came here to discuss the matter and see if we could give each other some more information about this situation. But then I found out you lot didn’t even know about this mess. That’s why I shared some of the news from the Netherlands. If I sound a little hostile while describing what’s happened in this case the last couple of months (it’s been in the news over here roughly since January), then that hostility is all aimed at Labyad, not Sporting. :wink:

While I’m here again anyway, the latest news regarding the Labyad case over here is that PSV actually do want to take this all the way to the FIFA/Courtroom if necessary. They don’t want to release Labyad which will make him ineligible to play any competitive matches for Sporting. If this is true, Labyad will have to go to trial and then it’s up to the FIFA/judge to decide whether or not he still has a contract at PSV.

Uma artigo num jornal qualquer, acho que de um da semana passada, dizia que um tribunal qualquer deu razão ao Sporting.

Pó caraças!

Não chorem! Para o ano, para matar as saudades, já sabem, é só verem os jogos do Sporting!

(in order to satisfy urgent needs of remembrance, PSV fans can watch Sporting’s 2012/2013 season games)

Don’t cry! Want Labyad back? Get Fifa 13 and transfer the guy to your team. If the player is as good as to create such a problem between your clube and mine, blame your team of directors. You should have known that way before the contract reached its end. You know the contract of a certain player is about to expire, you call the agent’s player and negotiate a contract extension.

What you don’t do is start some useless problem because your directors didn’t do their job. This is nothing more than a move to show PSV fans some work.


I think it’s obvious that PSV (the Club) is blackmailing Sporting, threatening not to send the ITC unless the 2 clubs reach a transfer fee agreement.

You certainly don’t think that the layers from SCP didn’t analyze extensively Labyad’s contract with PSV, and you surely don’t think that SCP would be so naive to sign Labyad when he’s under contract with some other club. Please take in mind that your arguments are exclusively based on some dutch layers opinion, which for us Portuguese lack objectivity.

PSV management shouldn’t think that just because we’re on the far end of Europe, we’re all just a bunch of “hillbillies” that don’t have a clue…

Não era coisa que me admirasse muito ::slight_smile:

Honestly, I don’t know what to believe anymore, this case has been so weird and I don’t know about any case that is similar to this one. Of course you would expect Sporting to know what they’re doing. On the other hand, you’d also expect PSV to be sure about this one year contract they say Labyad still has. Why else would they bother going through all this? It would be a waste of time. If you know you’re wrong about this I’d expect the PSV management to focus their attention on more important matters.

Still nothing about this in Portugese media? :wink:

PSV, just one idea. Have you ever thought that your Board might be trying to make PSV supporters believe in this story, just to justify the exit of Labyad?

If PSV is sure about that, they already had formally complained to FIFA what did not happen.

Yes, yesterday the media reported PSV had complained to FIFA.
Your own explanations are much more detailed than what the media reported though.

@PSV, although your club certainly can make a case based on the Dutch labour laws, I’m guessing Crazyhead identified your board’s real motivation here.

I don’t think that’s what’s going on here, Crazyhead. As I said, the current board is not responsible for Labyad’s contract with the invalid extension clause. Besides that, the supporters don’t blame the board, they fully blame Labyad and I honestly think Labyad is the most hated player ever among PSV supporters. Just to illustrate the fans’ feelings about this, here’s a picture of a banner they made:

It says: “Labyrat zakkenvuller”. ‘Rat’ means the same in Dutch as it does in English and ‘zakkenvuller’ means something like ‘greedy bastard’. As far as I know, this is the only time we made a negative banner about an own player, so it’s not like we always do this. :wink: He just really messed up with his lying, cheating and provoking all the time. So, for Sporting’s sake, I hope he stops all that once he starts playing for you. :wink:

Edit: wow, sorry, that image is bigger than I expected. :wink:

Apparently you have your own João Moutinho!

It happens to all…:mrgreen:

Thats the point :great:

I could have expected that response. :mrgreen:

But what I meant to say is that we never blamed this board, so there is no need for damage control now (months later, the banner, for example, was made in April (I think)).

I have read the full conversation, and despite of the several interpretations of laws, be the Dutch Law or Fifa Laws, one thing its certain, Labyad will not return to PSV in any circunstances. The image posted says it all.

The question is, if its due any kind of payment to PSV, or not. I think Sporting doesn´t have to pay a dimme, except the “formation rights”. Let´s see what´s gonna happen. Labyad has his place granted on Morroquian National Team in the Olympics, so for the time, its where he is going to play.

I told you the answer to that: in my opinion PSV is forcing a settlement. The idea is simple: for PSV small is better then no money, and for Sporting small money is better than no player ;).