What's happening with Sporting?

Three games have been played and we haven’t win yet, and surprisingly we’ve just scored once and on thursday a match that we thought it would be an easy one was a tough match and we could just draw against Nordsjælland (hope we can win on thursday), and another thing i can see is that we don’t have enough opportunities and the few we have are wasted, Postiga misses to many shoots and it’s impossible to win if we dont score, Djalo does nothing , dont know why domingos keeps him on the starting XI, Carrillo is a player i particularly like. he has good dribling skills and he’s really fast, why domingos doesn’t give him a chance i’m sure he will take advantage of the situation, hope someone can answer this topic and can give his point of view , doesn’t matter the language i also speak spanish that’s why reading portuguese is quite easy

Saludações Leoninas

Bad decisions with players :wall:

Manager is making quite doubtful decisions with the lineups and looks like they don’t do anything at the training sessions.

I hope a good result on thursday, i think that if we win the match the players will gain the confindence they need and it could change the attitude that the players have

This would be my starting XI:

                  RUI PATRICIO

JP RODRIGUEZ(if the injury is serious-ONYEWU) POLGA EVALDO

                      ANDRE SANTOS

JEFFREN(CARRILLO if jeffren can’t play) CAPEL


Postiga, Rubio subs (carrillo in case jeffren plays the match)
I think we win 2-0 (RvW and Izma)

Where are you from?
Yeah, that eleven is good, but I think the major problem is the lack of tactical discipline and focus from the players.
The coach is not doing his job well on making the team play proper football.

I’m from Peru, the homeland of Carrillo and Rodriguez, that’s why I support Carrillo (I’m supporter of Alianza Lima the club he played before going to Sporting) I can say I’ve seen the majority of his matches in AL and he has good skills he is extremely fast adn he has really good dribbling skills, but he has a big problem that I hope he can solve in Portugal, he can pass four or five players with dribbling and speed but at the moment of the shot he misses it. Here is a video: the player who receives ball is Carrillo. Check since 3:00

[youtube=650,535]- YouTube

Companheiro,tu estas a gozar comigo?

E por “comigo” estou-me a referir aos meus colegas Sportinguistas que te estão a dar trela

Airstrike,tu por acaso viste as mensagens dele antes da abertura deste tópico? :eh:

vi, mas não achei que ele tivesse dito coisas muito difíceis de traduzir de castelhano para português, mas está bem.
Existe sempre o botão de denunciar.

Have I done sth wrong? I am just giving my point of view about the situation of Sporting and giving information about a player I perfectly know, I’d like to participate in the forum but unfotunately I don’t speak portuguese I just can read what you write (because of spanish) and writing in spanish in the principal forum would be a stupid thing.


Sporting is a club in shambles, lead by corrupts. I see no future ahead.

If we get rid of those corrupts, i believe that whit time, we will be the strongest team again in Portugal, when that will be? I don’t know, soon, I hope. Maybe in the next elections.

Thank you Viridis ;D
Paulo: I think with time and work Sporting can return to the place it should be, we have a great squad they just need time to know each other and to khow to work in group (bear in mind that the whole group has just more than 20 days working together) i think this season we will fight for the title and we will do a great euro league.

There’s people from Chile here and they don’t speak Portuguese either,yet we all understand each other because the two languages are similar.Why the need to speak english?I’m pretty sure that 80% of the people here would understand better your “portunhol” (mix of Portuguese with Spanish).Not every single one of us know how to speak english.

Then there’s Djalo.In you first day here you already know how that is cool to “hate” Djalo?!You already know the tactics and all of that.You said some things in Portuguese then,suddently,turn to english

Enjoy your stay

Do you want me to speak in spanish?

Si lees lo que escribi vas a ver que puse cosas simples como “Gostei” eso lo puedo encontrar en Google Traductor y puse una formacion en la que solo puse nombres nada complicado, ademas con ver los partidos te das cuenta de lo que juega Djalo es irregular contra la Juve se jugo un partidazo pero desde el partido contra Valencia nada, siguiendo por el partido contra Malaga luego Udinese, Olhanense, Nordsjaelland y Beira-Mar (lo sacaron en el primer tiempo) Entiendes lo que escribo ahora?

Booof, is it really that bad at the moment? well, i will finally watch them live again on Thursday… :inde:

At least you are going enter the war that started between Sporting and Portuguese referees

És tão peruano quanto eu sou uma garrafa de licor.

Mas de lo mismo. :frowning:

Como é?
Começaste a “postar” num português correcto e agora vá de Hablar english?

Por acaso o português dele nunca foi correcto. Basta ir ler as mensagens, tem sempre lá um erro ou dois. E se não é um peruano fã do Carrillo é o quê, da CIA e veio cá porque as tácticas do Domingostêm o mesmo desenho dos planos militares dos EUA?