Watching Sporting ONLINE

As I said in another thread, being from Argentina, I find it hard to follow Romagnoli in the field. So far, I haven’t been able to watch a single Sporting game :frowning: And now that Romagnoli is beginning to earn a spot in the starting lineup, I need to do something! ESPN SportsCenter rarely shows the Superliga highlights, so I’m really hopeless there.

When I learned that Romagnoli was coming here, I found out about TVI, the public TV station that broadcasts at least one game every weekend. Is it just me or they are only allowed to air Sporting away games? In any case, the thing is that supposedly they also have an online broadcast 24 hours 7 days a week here

but every time I want to tune in for the game the connection fails (guess what, now it’s working for a change, so that you won’t believe me when you read this :x )! It is Murphy’s Law at its best! I’m sick and tired of it. I have e-mailed them several times (in English, though) and they have never answered back.

Last week I also found out about where you can see a lot of soccer games from all over the world. I was even more excited when I saw the Sporting-Paços Ferreira game in their schedule but again when I tried to connect to watch the game, it was to no avail. HAS ANYONE TRIED THIS SYSTEM FROM TVMIX.NET? Is anyone familiar with it? Do you need other people to be sharing the connection/transfer of a game to make it work? From what I could see in the details, I was the only user trying to connect to that game. :evil: :cry:

LAST, BUT NOT LEAST, is there any other way I can watch the Sporting games? Does anyone record the games and seed them somewhere? I’m a San Antonio Spurs fan (go figure why) and I used to download games every once in a while from some Polish site which published all the NBA game torrents for people to seed and share. No chance of finding that in any Portuguese site for the Superliga games?

Well, i sometimes used BandSport ( a brasilian paid Tv) trough but they have change domain and ever since it has been unavailable. I don´t know if permanentely or just temporarely. But i´m sure that some of our most distinguished users will be delighted to help you on this obviously important task… :wink:

Hey, thanks for your reply! That site seems like a good source! :wink: Actually, now that you mention BANDSPORT, I remember that is the channel that was featured next to the Sporting-Paços Ferreira game in the schedule listed on But it wouldn’t connect at all! :frowning: Strangely, there was another broadcast by BANDSPORT at the same time airing some AC Milan game. Unless, BANDSPORT has different versions, like ESPN, ESPN+ or ESPN 2.

What software were you using? I downloaded TVAnts but I see there are a lot: PPLive, PPStream, SopCast, TVKoo, MySeeTV…

By the way, how were the broadcasts? Did they flow normally or you experienced frequent freezing and interruptions? What’s your connection like?

This is the page through which I found a few other links to Bandsports:

Direct links:



Hey Turco! Thank you very much, man! That’s one hell of a site!

Did you just run into that site or you have been using it yourself?

Now, I only need to find an alternative to watch TVI online. I have just checked again and their broadcast isn’t working yet again… :evil: