Sporting fans living in England

Is there anyone out there? I know a few Sporting fans but I don’t think they post on this forum. It would be good if there was another Sportinguista living in the UK!

Well I’ve studied in England, but that doesn’t really count. :smiley:

I do have a friend who lives in London!

He is living/working near the Chelsea Stadium and he is a great Sporting fan.

I’ll trie to tell him to come here!


Really? If his name starts with a P then I know him because I work at the Chelsea Stadium too!

Fulham Broadway. Great memories… ;D

Fulham…great place to live. :beer: :beer:

Too posh for me, used to live in student house in Oxford. :smiley:

Well I´m studying in England, it is my second year of university and also in the country.

I worked there during this summer. :mrgreen: Came home like 5 days ago.

Which University?

University of East Anglia, in Norwich. My father is living in the UK since 2007 and I chose to study in England instead of Portugal. Nonetheless I´m still trying to get used to the language it´s probably my biggest challenge.

I was studying in London for the past two years.

You seem to be coping quite well with it though. :great:

I agree. Although, learning Portuguese in England is harder than learning English in England. It’s a nightmare but I try.

What do you mean? I don’t get it, you’re actually learning Portuguese in England?

Yes, I have never lived in Portugal, I go to Madeira every year where my family is but other than 1 month a year, nothing!

Obviously I agree with you. It´s much easier to learn the language when we are surrounded by native speakers all over the place.

Do you have any regular contact with Portuguese language, besides this forum? Being in touch with the language is crucial to learn it and don´t forget it. I´m learning Japansese by myself so I know how difficult it is to learn a new language.

London here.

My parents speak in Portuguese, they have the Portuguese telly on but apart from not a lot! I only have one cousin and he lives in Braga and I don’t even like him so not a lot of family!

I know that if I had exposure to the language and I stayed in Portugal for a year or two I would speak like a natural. It really annoys me that I can’t speak naturally because I have the Portuguese Citizen card, Portuguese passport and everything…

You should move to Japan for a bit haha!

Right, sorry, I didn’t know that, thought you were raised in Portugal.

When you told me you were learning Portuguese in England I was like “that’s odd”. :smiley: