Sigs+Avatars de Sporting

I Love Sporting but I cant write in portuguese. I made these graphics and I thought I would share them with u all.

Já te vou roubar uma, heheheh. :beer:

congratulations very nice work. Don´t want to be a begger but :-[ are you able to make a Sigbar of Stoijkovic for me? In the same style from Liedson and Miguel Veloso, but in a smaller size if it´s possible.

sure no problem, can u give me an exact size?

Welcome to the forum

Great job dude :wink:

Lenght is Ok :slight_smile: height i would say half of the size you used in your other Sigs. Once again… very nice work. Hope you gonna stay here with us. Maybe you gonna learn some Portuguese.

Congratulations u did a good work.I ask for to it if you could make one of genre of djalo but about Tonel ??
If you dont make doesn’t have problem. Congratulations again for the good work

Welcome. ;D

Great work, Congratulations.

Here u go I hope u like it, I am Portuguese and I can speak it but I cant write it well.

Very very nice that´s it. Wow you’re a pro :wink: … Oh nice nice, you will see that you are going to learn how to write it here in our Forum. Once more Time. Thank you!

Welcome. :beer:

Thank You :clap: :clap:

Nice work. :clap: :clap:


You can´t write in Portuguese but you sure Can Turn The Best Portuguese Club Simbols into Art. :clap:

Can I Dare you to make some Art with my image!? I will not set you rules or messaures…
Let the Artist Work :dance:

Trabalho fantástico! Presumo que consigas ler estas linhas… I assume you can read perfectly in portuguese. From where you are supporting our Club?

If I may, can I ask you to retouch my sig with your professional sensitiveness?

The orignals files:



Thank you,

Kind regards

is this good?

if someone else whats me to make them a sig, could u plz post the pictures u want it



«---------------- USE THIS IMAGE

Carlos, esse és tu na foto? Também pertences à Juve?

is this good?

Well, about the work I can not say anything but almost perfect.

I would like to get Paulo Bento and the monkey in same “secnario”, at the same level, with that stupid face. This because he was a totally banana in his speech after porto Vs SCP. There is no need to add my nick in the sig.

Sorry to give you so much work.

Thank you,