Metallist Kharkiv

Ласкаво просимо Металіст Харків. (please advise if it’s not correct…)
Welcome Metallist fan(s).
I believe it’s easier to speak here than in other topics and the Mods will appreciate.

edit: sorry about the ventilators … i add fans to google translator… :S

ok ;D
вентилятори - this is ventilators ;D

Ventilators for translators ?.. ( by google??? )

Well, congratulations for going so long.
But its time to stop you. :slight_smile:

Exactly:) If it was google

Your speech seems like speech of opponents of Klitschko brothers before the fight - they also promise to stop K2 - what they say after the fight we all know very well)))

Welcome Naffy. :slight_smile:
I hope you feel good between us.
We will win. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry my bad english. Greetings. :great:

:lol: :lol: :lol:
We’ll see… (sorry for being so direct-its the way we Sportinguistas foresee the two games).

Hey Naffy! Welcome to the forum. I can’t wait for our teams to meet on thursday!

However, I do have to admit that I’m slightly worried Naffy. It may sound strange, but I’m actually more afraid of you guys, than I was for Man City. Playing as an underdog is one thing, playing as favourite is another.

Man City gave a decent amount of space away that allowed us to form a couple of good attacking moves.
And after playing against negative game styles week in week out in the Portuguese league, that freedom between the opponent’s defensive and midfield line becomes a true blessing once we play in Europe.

This is the reason I’m a bit worried. I don’t reckon Metalist is coming to play frivolous football. I saw the full game of AZ-Metalist, but back then you rested half the squad which didn’t help much of my judgment of your team.

So how do you expect your team to play in Lisbon? And how are Metalist fans approaching the games with Sporting? How much chance do you give yourself to pass to the semis?

Also I noticed our ex-player Torsiglieri played in both games against Olympiakos, but didn’t take part in your last 2 games at all. Was that by choice or was he injured/suspended?

60/40 for Sporting
Torsi was not playing because of the limit of foreign players
Sporting has more experience with of European Cups

For Metalist quarter - a great achievement. We will play a counter-attack, by the way matches away Metalist played better than at home. So you have a good chance of Sporting in the second half:)

I hope this statistic will stay in tact on thursday. :mrgreen: