Levski Sofia

Well, as you already know we’ll play together in the Europa League group stage, so who are we? ;D

Levski Sofia was created on 24 May 1914 and we’re one of the oldest sport clubs in Bulgaria. The club is named after one of our Bulgarian national heroes (Vasil Levski). Through the years the football club managed to preserve a constant form and in our national championship we have been 26 times champions and 27 times cup holders. Bulgaria is a small country and has/had some specific problems, that’s why we don’t have much of considerable success in the international tournaments. Personally, Levski has reached the 1/4-finals of the Cup winners cup 3 times, the 1/4-finals of the UEFA Cup 2 times, participated 1 time in the Champions League group stage and 3 times in the UEFA Cup/Europa League group stage.

We are known also with our supporters - biggest attendances and most in numbers in Bulgaria. And more…

This is from the last few years:

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I was in Levski forum , but google translator wasn’t very useful , because i didnt understand a think :mrgreen:

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… :frowning:


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If you want to write in our forum, better try this one: http://forum.Levski.com because the official site is crap.

And oldschool stuff is really great. :beer: Unfortunately, our oldschool dates to the 90s because till '89 in Bulgaria there was communism so it was hard to make any good tifo. :frowning: Though maybe the first one in Bulgaria was made by Levski fans, against your rival Benfica in 1965: :smiley:

And some “old” video:


[youtube=425,350]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1Jg9sK-F5c[/youtube] ;D



PS: We also had maybe the best ever start of a match in the Champions League - [youtube=425,350]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYT5lqok3qg[/youtube]
(after 01:30 + 03:28) :victory:

@ crowbar,

Welcome to our forum and thank you for the info about Levski Sofia. :great: I wish your club the best (although it will certainly lose when playing against Sporting :mrgreen:).

[img width=650 height=628]http://ultraslevski.org/1914-1970/1965_LEVSKI-Benfica.jpg[/img]

A bit spanish, no? ( and the translation is in spanish to ) :mrgreen:

Well, it was during communism, so we didn’t had much of a contacts outside of the “Iron Curtain”… :frowning: Some knew a bit of spanish (which is closest to you) so that’s why the banner is such.

As for the match, we really know that your club is reckon to be the first in the group, so we only hope if we can slip you for a point or 3 in one of the matches. :smiley: But maybe in the last one, when you have already qualified. ;D

Hmm… I forgot to mention if some wants to write in our forum, because it’s quite different from this one:

:arrow: http://forum.Levski.com
:arrow: click this: http://img835.imageshack.us/img835/5291/10447995.jpg
:arrow: change language here: http://img294.imageshack.us/img294/6835/53776019.jpg

Just to note that many of our youths (<18 yrs) who write in internet are a bit of a “keyboard warriors” so take that in mind and just ignore them. :lol:

You know that two of the greatest idols that we ever had were bulgarians:

Красимир Генчев Балъков
Ивайло Йорданов

welcome crowbar and good luck against lille and gent :great:

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Atlantian, of course I know them. ;D Both were key players at the national team back in the days when we had a quality NT. It’s a funny coincidence that none of them have ever played in our leading 2 teams (Levski and cska) but they both reached to play for a strong foreign club.

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Welcome crowbar… :great:

We bought Красимир Балъков from ПФК Етър Велико Търново, Бончо Генчев and Ивайло Йорданов from ФК Локомотив Горна Оряховица.

I was very proud of them in the '94 World Cup, as you say, you had a hell of a good team back then.

I want to wish you goodluck against Lille. For me they are the most dangerous team in our group, so if Sporting can win against them it will be good for both of our teams. Don’t care about Gent, we will crush them :twisted:


Are you a fan of the band that has the same name as your nick? ;D Cause if so… You rule, dude!

Btw, welcome to both of you. Hope we can get through to the next stage… It’s impossible not to like Bulgaria, when we have two idols who were born there. :slight_smile:

Well… I collect football scarfs from all over the world, but I don’t have any bulgarian club scarf. :frowning:
I’ve one from the national team squad though.

Any of you is going to make the trip to Lisbon to see the match? ::slight_smile:

Also…how do you say “football scarf” in bulgarian?

Yeah, thanks. :great:

It is “futbolen shal” (футболен шал). :wink: As for the travel, I’m not quite sure, I have to see my university program first.

Thank you, crowbar! :wink: :great:

Here are some of our scarfs (Levski Sofia):

How much does it cost a scarf over there? I’ve more than 350 football scarfs from all around the world and not one single Bulgarian club scarf.

Which is your favorite? I like the first one’s in photo 1 and photo 2. :great: