Glasgow Rangers....

Well, i welcome the best of days for u guys, and remember this (I hope u’ll need it :wink: ): Superbock is THA best beer to forget soccer sorrows…

Funnily enough, as soon as we had booked my mate txt’d me to say that Superbock was immense. Like a Stella - but stronger and cheaper! Sadly, I dont drink lager - so it shall be serval litres of your finiest Vodka!

We’re really looking forward to the trip, and the banter!

eu ate gosto mais de sagres…

The question is that this season, we have been to much irregular. Especially in the games away - a misery :sick:
Perhaps tomorrows match, we may see what the team can deliver nowadays and, we hope, a win 8)

For the match win Rangers, if we can play as we did with Roma and ManU, especially at home, than i´m really confident we may win :great:

Glasgow rent boys we ar waiting for you!
Portugal Hooligans

I hope you do not get a rise out of any of my fellow FOOTBALL fans, and ruin the reputations of either Rangers of Sporting Lisbon.

Their is a reason Glasgow is one of the toughest cities in the world, and I hope for your benefit you dont find that out the hard way.

don’t worry he’s just a 17 year old kid…

Olha, fala o roto ao nu…

Look, it speaks the hole to the nude…

Welcome to Portugal - Lisbon - and - José Alvalade Stadium!

We love football and we love football fans too!

PS: When you see Celtic Shirts do not feel as a provocation as a lot of Sporting Fans like Celtic for their colours being similar to ours.

Bold = :naughty:

If you keep on calling us Sporting Lisbon, we will call you Glasgow Rangers :mrgreen:

If you take a look at his nickname, it doesn’t seems he would mind if you did that. :lol:

Don’t get us wrong Ranger… Althrough everyone in Europe know us by Sporting Lisbon, we don’t appreciate that name, 'cause we are not a local club, we are a Portuguese club: Sporting Portugal is ok. :wink:

I hope Sporting and Rangers fans can get along in the match days, in both places, and i believe that’s gonna happen’. There will be more Rangers fans in Lisbon than Sporting fans in Glasgow, not because we are less passionated but because we, portuguese, are poor people. :lol:

ah ah ah

A tradução online de “ranger’s fans” dá “ventiladores de guardas” em português! :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:



maybe you are confident because the last games with portuguese clubs was against porto,with a fantastic goal of Prso wih Baía´s help,but this time with Sporting Portugal,no chances. :mrgreen:

Confident? Not at all! We are not playing well.

I’l take heed of the Sporting thing then, personally I’d never call Rangers their full name either.

Thats us finally got a hotel booked, so tickets are our next obstacle!

The last time we played in Portugal was as you said against Porto - however, if memory serves me correctly if was a young player called Ross McCormack who scored a tap in to take us into the last 16 of champions league.

As for the Celtic top advice, its something Rangers fans come to expect to travel abroad and see people wearing that rag - its mainly in the name of some friendly banter!

Greetings Glasgow Rangers,

On this eliminatory, frankly I think it will be very balanced if Sporting is at its best level of course.

The Sporting has been uneven, is betting on to eliminate competitions, and is very badly in the championship … well, it will be unpredictable, as the way we to play with Rangers…

I had the opportunity to see the final of the Scottish League Cup you won against Dundee United.
I think that Dundee played a little better than the Rangers, but then came the top of your experience to take up the mistakes of opponents.
And the Cuellar made a clamourous penalty in second half :twisted:…
Good Player is Mark de Vries for Dundee, i was surprised with this player, great dutch player and he caused a lot of troubles in your defense.

Without any doubt, your best player is Alan McGregor.
After then comes Jean Claude Darcheville and Barry Ferguson.
As for Sporting, your biggest concerns are Simon Vukcevic, Liedson, and Bruno Pereirinha.

Let the best team win! :beer:

rangers 1 sporting 1
sporting 2 rangers 1