FC St. Gallen fans trip to Alvalade

Hey together…

We are going to visit Portugal tomorrow and of course we want to see a game of Sporting. This is because we are swiss football fans from FC St. Gallen (our club has been relegated to 2. Division last season :’(). Our colours are also green-white and we play in “Celtic”-Style-Shirts like you :wink: May be you also know, that your legend Krassimir Balakov was our coach last year…

So now our question: Are there any amical games of Sporting in the period between tomorrow and the 3th of August. Its very difficult to find these information if you cant speak portuguese… We hope that someone can help us and who knows… we could also drinking beer together and have a lot of fun… football discussions, etc… :wink:

Thanks and greetings from your swiss forum user…

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An interesting game for you should be Sporting-PSV next saturday, it’s our presentation game, and there will be sort of a party with special effects etc to introduce our players.

You can check our next games here

Enjoy your stay :beer:

Hehe, thanks for your post… we (me and my girlfriend) have checked the offical site, but we didnt find this information… :wink:

We wrote in our first posting, that our club is also green-white, so we also could swapping our fan scarfs, if somebodys interested… :smiley:

Here a picture from our guys … Hopp FCSG!

You caught me by surprise there. Your jersey is really similar to ours!
I hope you enjoy your stay in Portugal and that you can get tickets to the game!

Where can we buy them best?

You can buy the brand new replica shirts in the official store at the Stadium (Fan Lab) right near the ticket offices (first door when you climb the stairs).

Please take note that the correct Subway station is Campo Grande and not Alvalade.

St. Gallen were relegated a few years ago and are still playing the Challenge League (2nd Division), right? :wink:

Enjoy your stay…specially at Estádio José Alvalade - our “home” :wink:

I believe he was talking about tickets. Not jerseys.

Enjoy your stay, FCSG! :wink:
If you have opportunities to visit the country, I suggest the northern city of Viseu, in the heart of Portugal. Little but beautiful city (with the best quality of life in Portugal).

Oh :-[ Sorry! But, at the end of the day, the answer is the same: the stadium ::slight_smile: And, please, visit the museum (Mundo Sporting) that is really worthwhile… 8)

;D ;D ;D O Fernando Ruas dá-te percentagem? :smiley:

Não precisa. Faz um bom trabalho e os resultados estão à vista. :smiley:
(Viseu foi mesmo considerado a cidade com melhor qualidade de vida por uma revista qualquer)

(falamos em privado se quiseres)

Soz OT:

Mas sendo eu um Viseense, partilho da opinião do Luisito e acho que o Dr. Ruas tem feito um excelente trabalho que aliás está a vista de todos! :wink:

Why are you suggesting to visit Viseu? You’re giving biased opinions :lol:
I suggest Algarve (not Allgarve like the government likes), more specifically Loulé: a beautiful little city, with no stress and close to the most wonderful beaches and night life.

For the Sporting-PSV game I think you can buy in the ticket offices, because I don’t expect “full house”. You can have a look of the ticket prices in here http://www.sporting.pt/Servicos/Bilhetes/Servicos_Bilhetes.asp (attention: you’re going to buy the “Público” tickets).

If you’re going to watch the game, we’ll be expecting some comments and maybe some photos :great:

Soz OT:

Mas sendo eu um Viseense, partilho da opinião do Luisito e acho que o Dr. Ruas tem feito um excelente trabalho que aliás está a vista de todos! Wink

Ena! É sempre bom ver dois munícipes felizes… :smiley:

Mas não estava a atirar nenhuma “indirecta” política, até porque não tenho bases para isso e a impressão que tenho é apenas fundamentada pelos “media”. Só achei piada à “opinião desinteressada” do Luisito…

Claro. Acho que se ele está cá em visita, há que lhe aconselhar bons sítios para visitar! Claro que Portugal tem muitos mas cada um puxa a brasa à sua sardinha.


Boa… vamos humilhar o bacano que vem de férias a Portugal e veio cá pedir ajuda porque quer ver um jogo do Sporting (uma vez que os equipamentos deles são parecidos com os nossos) mostrando-lhe em letras garrafais que perderam hoje por quatro secos.
Bem jogado…

Welcome to Portugal and to our forum FCSG !!!
Good luck finding the tickets, i’m sure it will be a great game and of course SPORTING will defeat PSV. :victory:

Oh and i hope you guys get back to the Swiss Super League this season :great:


It’s always good to see that there are foreign people interested in watching our team’s games. Welcome to Portugal. :wink: As lots of guys here said, the game on the 2nd August vs PSV will be good for you to come to our stadium, since we’re playing a great team and we’re going to make a nice party.

Support our team at the game, if you go to the stadium, and enjoy your visit in our country. :wink:

PS: Elsa, foi escusado.

St Gallen? Balakov! ;D

Enjoy your stay! Welcome here! Hope you can find tickets for the next match!

Haha, thanks for your Responds… :wink:

Our second squad played against Werder, yes…

But it wasnt a serious game because we had our start in the championship two days ago…
And noooo, St. Gallen is a traditional club in the first league of switzerland, which have been relegated the first time after 1993 :wink: The club has been etablished in 1879 and is on of the oldest outside of England…

So acutally he have very hard times… We have to play the 2. Division right now, when our nwe stadium with 21000 seats has opened new… So at the moment we have 10’700 fans in the average per game…

Whats also interesting for you? José Vitor which played for Nacional is in our Team and Bernt Haas, who participated on Euro 2004 with Switzerland… :wink: Other players from the past are for example Ivan Zamorano and Tranquillo Barnetta…

So and now we have to leave, beacause we have to Check-In on 5:20… (at the moment its 3:14 local time ;))…
Thanks for all the answers seems to get a nice time…

Here a picture from our fans… we call them “Espen”… they are also very sympathic and fanatic… like Sporting, I think :wink:

and we know that we have to take campo grande, no worries… we already have been to Lisboa last year, but we couldnt go to a match… And we really love it…

Pois é…

Skinner is right, you have as manager one of the most brilliant midfielders that played in Sporting. And very special for all sporting fans…

[youtube=425,350]Golo de Balakov - YouTube

by the way, i was searching a little bit for information about “Espens” and discovered that you were champions in 2000. and that had some very good players lique Barnetta, Yakin and specially :xock: Zamorano :xock:

Good stay in Portugal

Balakov rulezzzzzzzzzz

One of the best midfielders that ever stood tall in Alvalade.