FC Basel vs. Sporting

The attendace was 22 600 not great for a champions league game.

But i have to congratulate…

your players did a good job in the last half an hour… :smiley:
you have beaten the most unsympathic club of Switzerland, thx :wink:

[font=Tahoma]In theory it should be so, but Portuguese fans are very peculiar.
A single poor performance is enough to make them prefer their real love, the remote command!
As far as I’m concerned, I’ve paid the season ticket (plus personal seat, valid for 20 years), so not attending matches is throwing the money away…

Actually, last evening attendance was close to my personal prevision.
But much worst was the fans’ attitude, whistling the team when they didn’t play very well.
Hadn’t seen FC Basel this season, and they played much better than in the last one, when both teams met for the UEFA Cup.
For example, by then, Portuguese FC Basel player Carlitos was only worried about physical confrontation, instead of actual playing, while yesterday he did play rather well.
But I suppose you’ve seen the match, from your comments.
FC Basel did something very smart, the team played as a whole, altogether, and the ensemble was rather fast.
They acted as a block, but a rather fast one, always moving, in front of Sporting players. In addition, they moved fast.
This allowed them to almost control the game after the first 20~30 minutes. That was when the fans started whistling Sporting players, although it concerned mostly the coach, who hasn’t been pleasing fans so far in this season start, due some controversies, such as not using Simon Vukcevic forwarder.
Having got rid of Fabio Rochemback, whose slowness was being a real handicap, the team improved in the second half, already with Vukcevic on duty.
Although it wasn’t enough to beat the FC Basel block, but luck helped, in the form of the first goal.
FC Basel had to sacrifice the block, and the game became much easier for Sporting.
The team started missing goals, but finally scored the second.
They still missed more before the end, but the match was settled.

Don’t know about FC Basel lack of sympathy actually, but I trust you. The few fans I spoke to before last season’s match behaved as true Swiss, extremely correct and even kind. Didn’t meet any last night. They seemed less than last season, but yelled as much as then :-)[/font]

Hehe, Basel is sooo embarassing… :lol:

Im convinced, that you’ll beat them in their stadium, too

I belive Basel will finish with 0 points


I hope so, too…

If someone wants to stay a few days in our house and learn more about the green-white striped club in Switzerland, please write… :wink: Only a month to go…

Looks like its time to visit Basel again!

Haha, just read all the posts from 2008 and came to conclusion that they are still true :smiley:

You will beat them twice for sure!

Well I hope so! I may be travelling to Switzerland, depends what my bank balance is saying!

good luck!!! :wink: mine is also very bad, just had an expensive trip to Las Vegas :-[

Haha it sounds like you didn’t win any money… or you won money then lost it!

I won at least 500 bucks at Caesars Palace, but don’t ask me about other casinos… :wink:

Oh gosh! But I bet you had fun though (Y)

arrrrrrgh, just back home from the match. what a sad night… ^-^