Everton FC interest in João Moutinho


First of all i apologise for posting in english on this forum, im afraid i don’t speak portugese but i was hoping some of you might understand english and be able to answer a few questions about the Joao Moutinho saga.

Im sure you all know of Evertons supposed interest but i was just wondering if there was any news coming out of Portugal with regards to this transfer going ahead. It had looked like he was going to leave at one point but most everton fans now think he will stay with Sporting… What do the Sporting fans think ? Have you forgiven him for saying he wanted to leave ? Do you think he will move to Everton ?

Im quite surprised we were even linked with him tbh, id have expected him to be linked with one of the top spanish/english sides rather than us !

Anyway once again im sorry for posting in English, im just looking for some opinions from Sportings Fans :slight_smile:

Oh and also… how is Adrian coming along ? does he have the potential to be as good as Moutinho ?

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He’s probably staying with Sporting this year and probably leave next year to Chelsea or Man United. Sporting fans are divided in my opinion some of them have forgiven him whilst others hate him right now and want him to leave.

Adrien is awful he doesnt know how to pass the ball, tackle or shoot…He used to be really good but unfortunately he’s not living up to the expectactions…Unlike Ronny, a defender left, 19 years of age (if im not mistaken) who continues to grow as a player…Getting faster by the minute he is an excellent full back with precise crosses as well as a fantastic shooting power…Not to mention how good he defends, no one gets past him. We hope to keep him for many years but it’s going to be difficult, we’ve received many enquires from top clubs in the world who are willing to pay a lot for him.

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I don’t think Everton has the suficcient money to get Moutinho. He is valued at 25 Milion Euros and if Everton Board thinks that we are selling for less they can go get another player elswere.
The offer of 15 million is ridiculus and moutinho said those words because of his agent influence.
Right now he is staying, most of the fans have forgiven him and if Everton wants a world class player they should pay for it.
We are not on SALES!!!
Adrien is a good young player but he as a lot to improve though, he is going to need at least 2 years playing regulary to become a good player.
I don’t know why daniscp mentioned ronny, i realy think we shouldn’t talk much about him, he is going to explode this season and we must do every effort we need to keep him because we can make a far better deal next season after he plays in the champions league.

Hi. Thank you for the responses.

I fully agree that Everton should pay the 25 million euro’s if they want him, all everton fans believe the the 15 million euro offer was pathetic. Like you say we dont have the kind of funds certain other teams in the premiership do.

have you heard anything about a clause in his contract which states any offers over £15 miillion which sporting reject require sporting to pay moutinho 15% of the fee bidded ? The UK press has been saying that we might try and exploit that as sporting arnt going to want to pay moutinho lots of money every time a bid is received.

thanks for the info on adrien, ill keep an eye out for ronny !

ah ganda daniscp isto é que é prestar um grande serviço ao clube :beer:

Hey mate!

Look at this amazing goal from Ronny

[url]- YouTube

He’s the new Roberto Carlos!!!

Adrien needs more experience…

Moutinho it’s 25 M or nothing… He’s the captain from sporting, and a first choice on the Portuguese National team.

The percentage clause, if it exists, can only be activated ONCE every season. So it can’t be exploited.

Até parece que o rapaz trabalha po Everton para o estarem a gozar dessa forma :lol:

Falém aí ao bife do Tiui Henry e do Varela, o novo Drogba! ;D

Hey matey do you reckon I would get this sort of treatment if I went to a Toffees forum ?
Still, that Ronny lad is one of the best players to walk the Earth at this moment in time. By the
way, what do you think of your new Supermarket/Stadium ? Is it Tesco or Asda ? Let us know, plz.

And if you could enlighten us in one more subject, has Everton ever produced a world class player
or do they just try to buy’ em off other teams ?
That Dixie Thingybobs doesn’t count as he never played out of England.

Isto agora é só bifes aqui a cheirar…

There isn’t just one special clause but several in Moutinho’s contract, President of Sporting already admitted that.

However, nobody can really tell for sure which ones. The portuguese press insists in a fee of 10% of the amount that goes above offers beyond 15 M€ (not pounds). So, for example, if Everton offered 20 M€, by rejecting that offer Sporting would have to pay Moutinho 10% of 5 M€, meaning 500 k€. If that clause can only be activated once each season or not, nobody knows. :inde:

Era engraçado o tipo ser um olheiro do Everton e levarem o Tiui, Varela, Ronny, Stojkovic e já agora Paim (próximo Ronaldinho Gaúcho) assim por uns 50 milhões.
Eles não andavam á procura de cinco reforços? Aí estão eles e como é para vocês 50 milhões!

You would get treated fine on an everton forum so long as you didnt try to stir shit or cause trouble

Its been shelved, its facing a public inquiry which is likely to bring an end to the plans, most everton fans are very happy about this, no one wanted to move to kirkby.

Wayne Rooney…

product of our youth academy, man united signed him for £25 million from us a few seasons ago.

We produce lots of talented youngsters although not as many as sporting obviously do.

James Vaughan is rated very highly but is Injury Prone. Jose Baxter is the new kid getting all the hype, 16 years old… he has absolutely smashed Kluiverts youth scoring record at international level and has also broken Rooneys, Owens and Rush’s records at English youth level. He is hyped as the next Wayne Rooney although he is unlikely to have the same dramatic impact that rooney had at 16 partly due to the fact his physique is till that of a 16 year olds. Rooney’s physique at 16 was the equivelant of a fully grown man… he was a freak of nature.

Jack Rodwell is also a very promising prospect, plays in defensive midfield… people expect big things from him but he is still only 17.

We also dont have a history of “buying world class players” either ! Our best players are Arteta, Cahill, Lescott and Yakubu. Arteta cost £2.5 million, Cahill £1.5 million and Lescott £5 million… we buy players cheap and then they turn into great successes. Our highest transfer fee is £11.5 million for Yakubu which has turned out to be great business. If we bid anywhere near sportings valuation of Moutinho then that will the first time everton have bidded such a large amount or tried to sign a truly world class player.

we all want moutinho in Everton. Everton don´t need to pay the 25M €. this is a rude player that wants to be respected but he doesn´t respect anyone.he don´t care about the club or team that he represent. he don´t care about fans. he cares about money. Please , buy this guy!

Id love for it to happen, even if he is a mercenary…

but no way in hell can we afford £20 million, its just not going to happen in million years :frowning:

I want Moutinho in Everton. To me, he could go by 20M.

Wayne who ?!? The only thing world class about Rooney is his wages.
And about players who are promising prospects with a lot of potential, we have so many that we can’t
get them all to play in the first team.

When I say world class I don’t mean expensive, international for their country will do.
So apart from the fattest, ugliest and most hyped player in the history of English football
did your ever producing and amazing academy manage anyone else ?
Guess not.

I’m ever so sad that your supermarket stadium is now facing a public inquiry, I’m sure you’ll
agree that would be excellent to watch the footie while the wife is out shopping with
the mother in law, you could all travel in the same car saving a lot of petrol which is a bonus,
what an atmosphere, what a vibe, specially for a club known by fans who want to be buried
underneath the penalty spot. Saves on the walk when you have to buy flowers, eh ?

Oh, that part about me being treated fairly and decently in an Everton forum, I doubt, maybe
because I live in England and never seen any football fan treating another from an opposite
team fairly and decently, except from some Liverpool fans on European night.
Specially if I went there to make inquiries over the sale of their captain, but I know your team
really need someone with the class and the panache of Joao Moutinho. It’s only enough
to look at your last defeat against Rovers a team that we beat 2-1 this pre season.

:rotfl: Muito bom!