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  1. Watching sport can be bad for your health

You would think that armchair sports spectators would be safer than those actually participating in the sports. But not according to one of Germany’s top cardiologists, Dr Klaus Kallmayer.

“Sports enthusiasts, who prefer watching the proceedings from the sofa rather than engaging in physical activity themselves, should be aware that, statistically, the comfort of their living room is no safer than actually competing,” he says.

He refers to the fact that during the 2006 World Cup, Germany reported nearly three times more heart attacks and other heart problems than usual figures show.

The incidence of heart attacks increased when Germany was playing its most crucial matches in the tournament.

“Of prime importance for triggering a stress-induced event is not the outcome of the event, such as a win or loss, but rather the intense strain and excitement experienced during the viewing of a dramatic event,” says Dr Kallmayer.

Sports fanatics can literally put their life on the line for their favourite team.

Last year, a University of Maryland study found that men with serious health problems often delay going to the emergency department so they can finish watching a game on TV.