99 Rooms

Apreciar de preferência com tempo, auscultadores e numa sala às escuras.


[i]"What is 99rooms? 99rooms is a unique internet art project that interweaves wall painting, photography, animation and sound in a manner entirely unknown until now. Since the launch of 99rooms.com in June 2004, more than one million individuals throughout the world have visited this interdisciplinary composite work of art.

The beginning of 99rooms stemmed from the mystical, often apolocalyptically charming pictures created by the young Berlin artist Kim Koester within the countless vacated premises of East Berlin’s industrial sector. The basis of the individual 99rooms accessible through the internet was born within the artwork and industrial environment of the closely photographed atmosphere fostered by Koester.

The photos which resulted from this were initially produced in digital form and then animated through a cooperative effort between Richard Schumann and Stephan Schulz in order to be subsequently complemented through a personal sounddesign from Johannes Buenemann.

The final product of this year long effort is a scintillating intermediary world which invites the observer to an interactive journey through its morbidly-beautiful rooms."[/i]