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Ludogorets champion! And you said goodbye to the season with a 7-0! Nice!
Just about to write that. :beer:

By the way, tomorrow we have an anniversary - 98 years since the foundation of Levski (24.05.1914) :victory:
Bojinov would be a great alcohol and prostitute consumer here in Sofia.  :mrgreen: And Plamen Iliev would be nice if he plays somewhere abroad. He is our God right now.  :idea: :clap: Maybe you can take Gadzhev instead of Bojinov.  :mrgreen:

AND FUCK OFF CSKA!! In the last round to lose the title, it is like a orgasm for the soul.  :dance: I hope we'll win everything next year.  ???

Cheers.  :beer:
Big day for Bulgaria - first our B national team more popular as Macedonia make a 0-0 draw with you.  :mrgreen: Later our A national team Bulgaria won in Amsterdam against Holland 1:2!!!  :beer:

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Great free kick from Bojinov !
Hi again.  :beer: Currently we are getting ready for the new season and today's 'big news' is that we are buying from Everton a Portuguese central forward named João Pedro Pereira Silva. He actually never played in England in an official game but was sent on loan twice in clubs from Portugal. Soooo any ideas if he is good or not? For our amateur championship will he be good enough?  :-[
Joao Silva is a good striker. Tall, with good header, can score many goals if you have players to put the ball in the penalty zone.
I honestly like him, he's a good striker but he has lake of oportunities. And when he have those oportunities, it's on small teams, with less support to the striker
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He's a decent player and has big potential in my opinion.
Today we signed with the guy I hope he will lead us to the title. The Portuguese colony in Levski has now increased to 3 players.  :mrgreen:
Greetings lads,

Things in Bulgaria and at the Balkans in general.  :mrgreen:

Currently getting ready for the away game in Sarajevo. Things are getting pretty interesting as the Sarajevo fans came here in Sofia and made a fight in front of their hotel against policemen and ordinary people. We did respond and some of them didn't had their best time in Sofia.  :whistle:

Afterwards at the game because of some banners saying "Ratko Mladic and Arkan fucked you - now it's our turn." things got even more complicated. :mrgreen: So Sarajevo fans are already threatening us for the rematch in Bosnia as they are singing songs against us how we are gypsies and so on - the ordinary teases. Things got even more interesting as some of their fans made a disgracing collage of our national hero Vassil Levski. So we are going around 500 fans in Sarajevo.  :mrgreen: This could return into a serious battle or just another internet hooliganism for nothing.  :mrgreen:

Here are some pics of the game (which ended 1:0 for us):

This one is saying "Ratko Mladic and Arkan fucked you - now it's our turn.":

They answered us with some pictures made on paint  :mrgreen: :

This one is saying "United against the gypsies", the gypsies are mean to be us and this is a uniting between Sarajevo and their biggest rival Zeleznicar

And some point they are looking ridiculous but after all we're going to fuck them in Bosnia. :)

Regards  :beer:
A terrible development for all Bulgarian teams this week - all of us were eliminated in the first round of matchgames. :wall:

Ludogorets the day before - 2:3 in Zagreb (3:4 in total), Dinamo scored in the last second of the additional time
cska - 1:1 with Mura (1:1 total, Mura go forward with an away goal)
Loko Plovdiv - 1:3 against Vites (5:7 in total)
And yesterday our catastrophe in Sarajevo - 1:3 (2:3 in total) :cartao:
By the way, your compatriot Silva makes a terrible start so far, too many claims and nothing shown on the pitch. :(

This is the worst matchweek for Bulgarian teams in the euro tournaments ever. Everything here just rots, no development, no progress and people just can see how the hell can we get through all this shit...
Get used to it, Portuguese strikers are not known for being the most pro-active when it comes to scoring
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First derby game for this season! We beat with 3:1 our old rivals Botev Plovdiv, who returned in 1st division this season after 3 years of absence. More than 2500 suporters came from Plovdiv. While we were around 8-9000, a lot of people though for a Bulgarian game.

Here are some pics and videos with action:





Match highlights:


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Yesterday we lost the derby against the communists. Terrible play on the pitch, though we played less worse but cska managed to trick us and take the win.

Great show on the stands though. :victory:

The commie centipede:

More pics:

You have your right to hate us for what happened to your fans in Sofia (which I personally don't like too). Though thanks to this forum and the history of Sporting I learned from it, I'll always have my sympathies on Sporting from Portugal. :great:
Better Dead than Red!
Last week we've beaten Cherno more 4:0 in the first leg from the Bulgarian Cup tournament, 2 goals by your countryman Joao Silva (1 from penalty). He plays quite terrible :lol: but in the cup tournament he's our top goalscorer with total 4 goals in 3 matches.

In the championship we're 1st with 1 point ahead of Ludogorets and it seems like if we don't make any absurd mistakes, we'll compete with them for the title.

I see you're not doing well in your championship. Hope you'll find a way out from this messy situation and finish in the top places. :beer: