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As previously stated, Marcos Rojo has improved substantially in the last year. His first season was a complete disaster. His positioning was completely terrible. His lack of concentration was also a problem. He was part of a squad could easly be called one of the worst teams at defending, even tough there was some quality in the players involved. Look at the image and take your conclusions:

Other remarks about Faustino Alberto:
- Every game he shoots 30 meters away thinking he is Sergio Ramos;
- He will get a red card every big game;
- Mandatory to have a nice barber shop and tatto place. Fundamental for his game performance;
- He and his family are now the biggest fans of your club.

Faustino Marcos seems a bit overpriced when compared with Gayra, but cheap when compared with Mangalho. He is a young lad that lives the club like nowone, with a good progression capacity. He has good technical skills and physical capacity, and has been improving on his defects. Work him well and he will be the player you need but don't deserve.

Also i would like to recomend Miguel Lopes. Basically the same with one or two differences. Plays Portugal A team. Porto, Braga, Betis, Lyon and Sporting on curriculum. Cheap. It would give Alberto a friend to help in his transition.

Please, not Miguel Lopes... We can't lose him too. Our team would be ruined without his skills
Thanks for the editing and publishing, mate. Good luck to your season  :great:
It's a shame he dislocated his shoulder. Man Utd are going to really need him over the coming weeks. Their defence is almost as bad as my UK team (Spurs!).

I haven't read the article yet but I will.
Sporting Lisbon fans!?  ^-^ :wall:
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