[CL 3Q] Sporting CP - FC Twente

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Boa sorte tambem!

I think Sporting might be in for a little surprise  :beer:

Are any of you guys coming to the match in Enschede?

Há aqui pessoal a combinar ir à Holanda ver o Twente - Sporting.
Nice, I think you will like our stadium as well and be impressed with the atmosphere!
Welcome O Tukker. :great:

I hope, offcourse, that Sporting win, however we know your team`s qualities and we expect a difficult game.
Your luck is Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani, Figo and many others don`t play anymore in Sporting. :mrgreen:

What Sporting players you be "afraid", if any player cause this feeling in Twente`s fans?
Paulo Bento: "The game is far from over"

At the end of the game against the Dutch outfit FC Twente, Paulo Bento took a moment to give his thoughts on the game: nothing that his team has not started well. Further elaborating on the match-up, the Sporting coach noted that his team came out in the second half showing a greater spirit of aggressiveness, intensity and attitude. Bento further stressed that the game is still open and asserted his believe that Sporting can pass into the next phase.

The coach commented that: "Sporting did not begin the game well. We got off on the wrong foot and that made it difficult for us for the rest of the game. We had a bit of trouble moving the ball about as they were trying to control the pace of the game. We missed a big penalty on 25 minutes and we paid for it in terms of failing to punish our opponents. In the second half we were missing a bit of clarity and we should have played a bit more on the flanks. We took the option of playing through the centre too many times and didn't create many situations where we had a man over and this facilitated the playing style of Twente too much. We took a few more risks towards the end of the game and in the second half we showed a greater spirit of aggressiveness, intensity and attitude.

Following his analysis of the game, Paulo Bento stressed his certainly that Sporting can still pass into the next phase of the competition, nothing that: "It was not a good result. We wanted to take an advantage into the second leg but the game is far from over. We can win in Holland and Twente probably wont play in the same way. I still believe we can win with the same level of belief that I had before the game."

If you just forget for a moment the awful english above, this sentence "Paulo Bento took a moment to give his thoughts on the game: (...) his team has not started well" comes out after every single Sporting's match with no exceptions, so you better get used to it. :-\

Twente in action is a typical dutch team: well organized and with fairly reasonable tactics, but poor in the defense (still our offense is even worse I guess). I just hope they're not as good as AZ Alkmaar playing at home. :pray:
Actually, it was F C Twente's attack that most deceived me.
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