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Julho 18, 2014, 06:50 am
hi fellow bulgarian mates! can youbplease give your opinion on slavchev? do you think itbwas a good signing? what do you think about the playet? how did he play on your league last couple of years and what do you think about is potencial? thanks in advance
* Julho 29, 2014, 21:10 pm
Lost the derby against cska for the 5th time in-a-row. Here is a video after the end of the game at score 0-2 for the red pigs:

* Dezembro 22, 2014, 21:35 pm
Hello, Sporting

Long time - no see. The situation in our beloved club is coming from bad to worse lately. We are currently 6th and thankgod in the Quarterfinals of the Cup. We were this close to get eliminated from a second division side.  :mrgreen: Really dont want to get into details about our play, management or whatever.  :-[ Just want to wish you happy holidays and fuck benfica  :beer:

Here is our recent video with english subtitles for your convenience. Hopе you enjoy it.  :)

*** Março 21, 2015, 03:18 am
Sorry about being late, but when I saw your video and red "our support doesn't depend on the score", I immediately identified with you guys. Sporting CP fans are like that, unlike benfica shit supporters who only go to the stadium when their petty team is winning.

A good year for you guys, don't know how your management is doing, but we now have a die-hard fan as President of this great club; he managed to kick the freemasonic bankers out of the club's pockets, and saved us from going the same path as AEK Athens and Glasgow Rangers.

Best of luck to both of us  :beer:
Mas verdadeiramente engraçado seria ver o Sporting ser presidido pelo teu compadre que hoje treina o Estoril, teria sido fantástico tê-lo visto assinar de cruz a reestruturação que o Ricciardi lhe ia colocar à frente, o mesmo Ricciardi que contribuiu para a falência do maior branco nacional. Nuno Lapa
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Há muita gente aqui quer que o Sporting volte a ser o clube dos "Mansos".